Welcome to Julie's Dolls

Hi, my name is Julie and I'd like to thank you for visiting Julie's Dolls. This is a site for people who share my love for fashion dolls. Like so many young girls, I had Barbie™ dolls as a child. Now I enjoy collecting the new Barbie™ dolls with my granddaughters.

Julie's Dolls displays a variety of ideas for making your own fashion doll clothing and accessories. We show original designs using a variety of readily-available materials. I have been making clothes, stuffed animals, Christmas decorations, and various household items for many years and I have accumulated boxes and boxes of fabric remnants and decorative trims that I can use. Old or torn clothes, snaps and buttons, and pieces of elastic can be salvaged for doll clothes and accessories.

Julie's Dolls also shows fashion dolls in different indoor and outdoor settings. We even include doll-sized holiday decorating and gardening design ideas.

Many of the items you see on our site are made from things you may have around the house or would otherwise throw away. Before you toss something, take a look at our site and see if you can find a way to use it. Your fashion dolls will have unique clothing and accessories that others will envy!

Julie's Dolls is for fans of 11.5" fashion dolls, such as Barbie™. Other fashion dolls may have slightly different dimensions, so items made expressly for Barbie™ and Ken™ may not fit them perfectly, and items made for other fashion dolls may not fit Barbie™ and Ken™ perfectly.

Barbie™ is a registered trademark of the Mattel Corporation. Julie's Dolls is not associated in any way with Mattel, Inc.

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